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Foot and Ankle Specialist in Arlington, TX

Foot and Ankle Specialist – Arlington, TX

Are you suffering from foot and ankle pain that is affecting your daily activities? If yes, it’s essential to seek professional attention at the earliest. In Arlington, TX, Holistiq Spine and Orthopedics is a trusted foot and ankle pain center that specializes in unique holistic treatment methods to heal your foot and/or ankle pain. Our foot and ankle specialist team comprises experienced physicians who value non-invasive, non-surgical treatments to relieve your pain. We offer personalized anti-inflammatory diet plans, virtual physical therapy, oral and topical medications, health coaching, and interventions.

Orthopedic Specialists

Whether it’s chronic discomfort from plantar fasciitis, arthritis flare-ups, or sudden ankle rolls, foot and ankle pain can truly disrupt your mobility. Rather than just treating area symptoms, Holistiq Spine & Orthopedics experts comprehensively evaluate foot and ankle pain to pinpoint root causes that may originate elsewhere. For example, poor hip or knee stability from muscular imbalances can manifest as pronation issues and inflammation in ankles and arches. Our orthopedic specialists conduct thorough movement screenings analyzing your complete lower body mechanics to assess alignment, posture issues, gait abnormalities, or weakness in stabilizers that transfer excess pressure onto the feet.

Applying both manual manipulation techniques and advanced technology, Holistiq develops integrated treatment plans that may incorporate custom orthotics, targeted strength and flexibility exercises, bracing, injections, and lifestyle changes for lasting relief by connecting the dots from feet to the foundation.

The Next Step in Stopping Your Foot and Ankle Pain

If over-the-counter options and rest have failed to resolve your recurring foot or ankle problems, the next prudent move is getting an accurate diagnosis from a foot and ankle specialist. Holistiq Spine & Orthopedics houses renowned specialists specially trained in diagnosing causes of localized or radiating foot/ankle pain and dysfunction. Our foot and ankle specialists develop tailored, non-invasive treatment plans that may first utilize custom orthotic inserts, physical therapy for tissue mobilization and therapeutic exercises, braces for stabilization, anti-inflammatory medication, or targeted injections for pain relief. For more difficult cases, we offer regenerative therapies like platelet-rich plasma injections to prompt accelerated healing.

Our team always explores non-surgical options before considering any procedure as a last resort. Don’t resign yourself to discomfort – take the next step by having our compassionate foot and ankle specialist optimize innovative, non-invasive methods for resolving your pain at its root source.

To optimize mobility, consult one of our orthopedic specialists about any foot and ankle concerns. Contact Holistiq Spine and Orthopedics – Arlington Today!

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